The Concept of Penis Enlargement

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Male enhancement pills and supplements have been around for donkey years now and the market is flooded with all kinds of products that claim to give you great results. In order to differentiate between fake products and genuine products, you need to understand the concept of penis enlargement.

Anatomy of Penis

Corpora cavernosa: Tissues that extend through the length of the penis on both sides of the penis. These tissues when filled with blood help in causing erections. The muscle fibers in corpora cavernosa expand when the blood enters in large quantities.

Tunica: Tunica is a hard sheath that covers the corpora and limits the expansion of the tissues. As more blood flows into the penis, the tunica becomes tight and increases the pressure inside it which aids erection.

Corpus spngeosum: It is a tissue that resides between the two corpora. This tissue contains the urethra which help in urination and ejaculation.

The Process

Erections can be caused by touch, sights or erotic memories or sounds. A part of the brain called para-ventricular nucleus give out signals that cause blood flow to increase in the penile area. The blood accumulates in the corpora cavernosa reaching the tissues through the arteries in the body.

The muscle fibers in corpora cavernosa tend to relax as the blood fills in the empty spaces between them. This eight fold increase in blood circulation stretches the tunica with it which blocks the blood’s way back from the penis. As the entrapment of the blood increases, the tunica becomes harder and the penis becomes erect.

In order to ensure large entrapment of blood in the penile tissue, devices like Bathmate penis pumps are very handy. Constant stretching of the penis gives more room to the blood to accumulate which helps in ensuring harder erections. However it should be noted that overusing a device like penis pump can cause certain permanent problems as well and therefore the device should not be used unnecessarily.



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