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BathMate Review - Water pump to enlarge penis

If you are among the many men who are looking for effective male enhancement products, it is important for you to understand what causes erections. Understanding these causes will help you choose the right product for yourself. From male enhancement pills to penis pumps, there are a large number of products that are available in the markets and in order to get to a good product, it is always good to have an idea about how the human body works.

The Cause and Products

When you are aroused or turned on, the brain sends a signal to the spinal cord which leads to a rush of blood in the penile area. The blood fills in the blood vessels in the penis called corpus cavernosum. As the blood gets filled in the chambers, the muscles at the base of the penis tighten up disallowing the blood to go back. If the tissues can accommodate more blood, the erections will be harder. This is where penis pumps come into picture. Penis pumps like Bathmate penis pump can help in enlarging the chambers allowing them to hold more blood. This further leads to better hard-ons.

It should also be noted that a device like penis pump when used more that required can cause permanent damage to the tissues and therefore it is extremely important that you do not overuse the device at any given point of time.

Every man’s body works in a different way and some men get more erections than others but this does not necessarily mean that the sizes of the two would differ as well. Do not base your decision to buy a male enhancement device on random thoughts. Make sure that you do a fair bit of research before you set out to purchase a male enhancement device.

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