How Do Erections Happen

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Understanding the human body completely is no easy thing and the complicated science of the human body keeps throwing surprises every now and then. A lot of men around the world are simply curious to know the reasons for erections and ‘boners’. Here is a brief description of what happens in the body that leads to ‘hard-ons’:


  1. The penis consists of two chambers called the corpora cavernosa that run through the length of the penis. The chambers are filled with spongy tissues which get filled with blood upon arousal.
  2. The corpora cavernosa are surrounded by tunica albuginea which is a membrane.
  3. The tissues in corpora cavernosa consists of arteries, smooth muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and spaces.
  4. Erections happen because of mental stimulation upon seeing, hearing or thinking something erotic. The message from the brain and the spinal cord causes the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax and the blood flows in and fills the spaces in the tissue.
  5. The rush of blood causes the penis to expand.
  6. Tunica albuginea traps the blood blocking the blood’s way out temporarily.
  7. The contraction of muscles after ejaculation or after a few minutes allows the blood to go back and causes the penis to contract.

Products like Bathmate penis pumps help in increasing the size of the chambers giving them the ability to hold more blood.

Beware of Fake Products

You can find a large number of products from various brands available in the stores but most of these products are no good and can do more harm than good. Therefore make sure that you go through various reviews over the internet to get to the best possible product. Reviews would help you to make the right decision.

Once you have the product, make sure you do not overuse it. It is always recommended that you follow the instructions properly in order to get best results.



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