How does Penis Enlargement Work

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There are a large number of products in the markets that claim to help you increase your penis size on a permanent basis. Most of these products are simply scams and therefore it is important that you understand the science of penis enlargement so that you can get to the best possible product in the market.

The Science of Penis Enlargement

Erections come into picture as a result of interaction between the blood vessels, brain and the nerves and hormones. The penis has two tissues called corpus cavernosum which extend from the pelvic bone to the head of the penis. These spongy tissues are made up of muscles and blood vessels.

Here is a stepwise description of how an erection happens:


  1. Stimulation can be caused by sight, sound or erotic thoughts. This causes the brain to send a message to the nervous system to increase blood supply in the penis.
  2. As the blood enters the corpus cavernosum the muscles in the blood vessels in the tissues relax.
  3. The relaxation of the muscles helps in accumulating more blood in the tissue.
  4. The veins that carry the blood back from the penis are blocked in the process.
  5. The entrapment of blood causes the penis to become hard.


Anything that interferes with the signaling of the brain can cause men to have poor erections. The blood circulation to the pelvic area needs to be on the higher side to get harder and stronger erections.

The market comes with products like penis extenders like Bathmate penis pumps that help in increasing the tissue size which further enables more entrapment of blood. However these products should only be used as per the instructions or else they can prove to be harmful and can cause permanent damage. With proper usage of these products, you can witness permanent gains.

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